Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Big Pink's A Brief History Of Love

The blogs have been identifying The Big Pink as a shoegaze band. If that’s true then I may need to rethink my current stance on shoegaze (which is: I’m not really a big fan). However, music critics are putting the word “pop” in front of every “shoegaze” which is usually indie-code for “watered-down.” Maybe that’s why I like this album so much.

The London-based band holds true to the shoegaze genre with raw, distorted guitar sounds and ethereal background vocals that seem to sustain themselves throughout the entirety of the song. Coupling this with lead vocals that are actually forward in the mix and follow a determinable melody are what makes A Brief History of Love easy and enjoyable to listen to. Stand out tracks include the first single “Velvet,” the radio-friendly “Dominos” and the more mellow “Love In Vain.” Plus, back in September Pitchfork named “Velvet” one of the best 500 songs of the ‘00s. Not bad for a band whose debut hadn’t even been released yet.

Yes, the great songs are surrounded by a few fillers, but A Brief History of Love is a solid effort by a band who just may be the next big thing. “Pop” doesn’t just mean “watered-down.” It can also mean “has the ability to crossover into mainstream success.”

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