Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cloud Nothings at Mercury Lounge 1/19/2011

I've seen Cloud Nothings three times. That's
  • once I've seriously reconsidered my position of not wearing ear plugs to shows (or maybe I should just stop standing in front of the speakers),
  • twice John Norris and I have given each other an acknowledging nod (at a Cloud Nothings show),
  • twice little brother has surprised me by telling me he really likes this band (I WILL turn him into a Wavves fan someday!),
  • twice I've started real life conversations with people I previously only knew on Twitter (at a Cloud Nothings show),
  • three times the drummer has totally cracked me up with his seemingly unnatural body positions as he plays (he reminds me of Animal),
  • and three times I've started crushing on the bass player (but seriously, when does the NOT happen to me at a gig).
It was also the first time I got to use my new Flip cam. The sound is pretty horrible but check out this video of "Even If It Worked Out," probably my fave Cloud Nothings song, such a good b-side...

If there is one criticism I have of Cloud Nothings' live shows, it's that they play too fast. Their performances are always faster than the recording. I've done my own fair share of performing/recording, so I know that it's terribly easy to unintentionally speed things up, but I feel like some of Cloud Nothings' songs lose their soul when rushed through. This is not to say that the band plays these songs sloppily. I'm consistently impressed with how tightly and cleanly these boys play music that on the surface seems anything but precise. I guess I'd just like them to slow down enough so that it's easier for people less lo-fi inclined to appreciate what an excellent songwriter Dylan Baldi is.

Here's another video of "Turning On."

Cloud Nothings' self-titled album is due out next week. Getting stoked.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

On Repeat - 1/19/2011

I've gone way too long in 2011 without seeing a show. Luckily I'll be getting my fix this week with two gigs I've been excited about for quite some time now. Tonight is Cloud Nothings at Mercury Lounge and this Saturday PopGun is presenting a stellar lineup at Glasslands that includes The Vaccines, Oberhofer, and Motive. One thing all these bands have in common: catchy tunes and cute boys. 2011 is looking up.

MP3: Cloud Nothings - I Know (You're All Done With Me)

If you are sick of all this lo-fi fuzzy stuff, I totally understand. But you should still give Cloud Nothings a chance. Barely legal Dylan Baldi seems to have a bottomless pit of hooks at his disposal and a knack for capturing teenage angst that I really can't find any fault with. His first studio record is due out on Carpark later this month and it's one of my most anticipated albums of the year. The tunes that have been released so far promise a more polished sound than we have come to expect from Baldi's bedroom recordings, but they still retain all that scuzz I've come to love. "I Know (You're All Done With Me)" is the b-side to single "Should Have," released digitally yesterday.

The Vaccines are a buzzy British band that the blogs have pretty much universally agreed upon as the next big thing. Their vocals are a bit shouty in some places and echo-y in others and their guitar rock 'n' roll totally has a retro feel to it. It's hard to stand still while listening to any of their tracks...I've already embarrassed myself a few times on the L train. Can't wait to not be the only one dancing it out on Saturday night.

CMJ 2010 darling Brad Oberhofer is another insanely talented that can't even drink legally yet. He actually made me like a Neon Indian song. I think their cover of "Should Have Taken Acid With You" is worlds above the original. But "Away Frm U," Oberhofer's own song is even better. I don't think it's been our of my head since I first heard it.

My friend Tamara turned me on to Motive after she accidentally caught them while she was out seeing another band. They are the perfect support for bands like The Vaccines and Oberhofer. Guitars, hooks, danceable rhythms, desperate vocals...

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

On Repeat - 1/12/2011

I'll admit it, I get crazy jealous when my musically knowledgeable guy friends profess their unbridled love if indie girls that I just don't find attractive or interesting at all (e.g. Zooey Deschanel and Joanna Newsom...ugh). But when they wax poetic about Lykke Li, I totally get it. She's unashamed of her ambition and she conceals sexually explicit lyrics with a sweet and innocent (though always powerful) singing voice. She writes her own tunes and runs her own label. Plus, she's kind of gorgeous in an offbeat kind of way. "I Follow Rivers" features clanky, natural instruments and tribal rhythms. It's the second single off her second album Wounded Rhymes, due to drop in early March. She'll also be stopping by Webster Hall in May. See you there?

MP3: La Sera - Devils Hearts Grow Gold

Vivian Girls' Katy Goodman's solo project La Sera's new track doesn't sound as effortless as "Never Come Around" but it's still sing-song-y and nostalgic and is keeping me very excited to hear the full-length coming out on Hardly Art on February 15th.

There is this wonderful blog called We All Want Someone To Shout For that always turns me on to great tracks from British artists. This song is wonderful in its simplicity and sparseness. And the kid is only 16!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

On Repeat - 1/5/2011

Back to blogging on the reg...

The Good Natured - Your Body Is A Machine

The Good Natured is a UK gothy/poppy band fronted by a tiny girl with a thick Britsh accent. Their latest single is “Be My Animal” but I’m more addicted to the relentless rhythm of previous release “Your Body Is A Machine.” MySpace reveals that their next gig is a Skins party, how can I not love them?

The Russian Futurists - One Night, One Kiss

I swear, I don’t know how this song ended up on my iPod, as I’m usually a big proponent of avoiding anything and everything twee-pop, but the sugar of this track is for some reason unavoidable. A call-and-response duet from the band’s November 2010 album The Weight’s On The Wheels, it’s difficult not to root for the song’s characters to wake up hungover under the same blanket.

The Slits - Typical Girls

Definitely not new, but lots of the end-of-the-year retrospectives I have been reading mention the untimely death of Ari Up, so this classic Slits track has been getting heavy rotation for me.

Blog needs a redesign kids, interested graphic designers hit me up!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Blog!

Woohoo! infinity yeah is one yearz old! Well, kind of. I have earlier posts than the first post, but I started publishing one year ago today. It's been more rewarding than I imagined possible. I've made so many friends from infinity yeah virtually and IRL (I guess I can thank Twitter for that too) and it's a great thrill seeing you guys all pop up on my analytics. I haven't been perfect (weekly features are hard!), the blogging has slowed since I finally found full-time employment, and I still haven't quite figured out exactly what I want infinity yeah to be but from the bottom of my heart, thanks for sticking around while I work it all out. Hopefully lots of exciting things will happen as we grow up. Look at the dragon all ready to party in her birthday hat! Yes, I did just decide that the infinity yeah mascot is a girl. What should we name her? Tweet me some ideas...