Wednesday, January 5, 2011

On Repeat - 1/5/2011

Back to blogging on the reg...

The Good Natured - Your Body Is A Machine

The Good Natured is a UK gothy/poppy band fronted by a tiny girl with a thick Britsh accent. Their latest single is “Be My Animal” but I’m more addicted to the relentless rhythm of previous release “Your Body Is A Machine.” MySpace reveals that their next gig is a Skins party, how can I not love them?

The Russian Futurists - One Night, One Kiss

I swear, I don’t know how this song ended up on my iPod, as I’m usually a big proponent of avoiding anything and everything twee-pop, but the sugar of this track is for some reason unavoidable. A call-and-response duet from the band’s November 2010 album The Weight’s On The Wheels, it’s difficult not to root for the song’s characters to wake up hungover under the same blanket.

The Slits - Typical Girls

Definitely not new, but lots of the end-of-the-year retrospectives I have been reading mention the untimely death of Ari Up, so this classic Slits track has been getting heavy rotation for me.

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