Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cloud Nothings at Mercury Lounge 1/19/2011

I've seen Cloud Nothings three times. That's
  • once I've seriously reconsidered my position of not wearing ear plugs to shows (or maybe I should just stop standing in front of the speakers),
  • twice John Norris and I have given each other an acknowledging nod (at a Cloud Nothings show),
  • twice little brother has surprised me by telling me he really likes this band (I WILL turn him into a Wavves fan someday!),
  • twice I've started real life conversations with people I previously only knew on Twitter (at a Cloud Nothings show),
  • three times the drummer has totally cracked me up with his seemingly unnatural body positions as he plays (he reminds me of Animal),
  • and three times I've started crushing on the bass player (but seriously, when does the NOT happen to me at a gig).
It was also the first time I got to use my new Flip cam. The sound is pretty horrible but check out this video of "Even If It Worked Out," probably my fave Cloud Nothings song, such a good b-side...

If there is one criticism I have of Cloud Nothings' live shows, it's that they play too fast. Their performances are always faster than the recording. I've done my own fair share of performing/recording, so I know that it's terribly easy to unintentionally speed things up, but I feel like some of Cloud Nothings' songs lose their soul when rushed through. This is not to say that the band plays these songs sloppily. I'm consistently impressed with how tightly and cleanly these boys play music that on the surface seems anything but precise. I guess I'd just like them to slow down enough so that it's easier for people less lo-fi inclined to appreciate what an excellent songwriter Dylan Baldi is.

Here's another video of "Turning On."

Cloud Nothings' self-titled album is due out next week. Getting stoked.

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