Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sorry I haven't blogged in a while...

I hate it when bloggers start their posts like that. Unfortunately lately I have fallen victim to idle time not put to good use. So I'm back and I promise to stop being lazy and yada yada's what I've been up to:

Most recently, I went to see Suckers at Bowery Ballroom on 2/25/2011. I saw Suckers at Music Hall of Williamsburg last year for the release party of Wide Smile, one of my top 10 albums of 2010. At that time, Suckers couldn't really fill the room and the crowd wasn't as responsive as I would have hoped. Things have definitely changed. Suckers was able to fill Bowery Ballroom (which has the same capacity as MHOW) with enthusiastic fans drunk enough to dance and sing along to every song. Along with his fan base, front man Quinn Walker has also gorn out his beard as well as his waistline. This really isn't something that needs to be mentioned, but I think that if it was a girl up there on stage it would definitely be noted, so there you go. They opened with "Before Your Birthday," one of my favorite Wide Smile songs, and Walker got to show off his impeccable glam rock vocals. Other crowd pleasers that sounded stellar included "Black Sheep," Martha," and "A Mind I Knew." Things to note: drummer gets so energized during some of the songs that he jumps off his stool, Walker is an unnaturally talented whistler, and the funk beat in the breakdown of "Loose Change" is a groove that will hit you in all the right places. All in all, it was a great show...but I really want to hear them play "Easy Chairs" live! I distinctly remember running into Pan at last year's Rock Lottery and pleading with him to start including it in their set. So far my wish has not come true.

I caught an excellent show with a stacked bill at Glasslands Gallery on 1/22/2011. The Vaccines are the latest ultra buzzy band to come out of the UK and they followed up their Bowery Ballroom show (their first U.S. performance ever) with a stop over in the fairer borough. The anticipatory energy in the tiny club was palpable and you couldn't whip your hair back and forth without swishing a blogger in the face. The band arrived in true headliner fashion, with a large entourage and their own soundboard in tow. I'm a big fan of The Vaccines recorded stuff and they were good enough live I guess. Unfortunately I don't feel very qualified to give them a proper review. Tamara and I got there early to catch the opening band and starting double fisting vodka tonics right away, convinced that once The Vaccines were up the bar would be impossible to get to. It wasn't...but we continued to drink ridiculously anyway.

The previously mentioned "stacked bill" was rounded out by Oberhofer, Guards, and Motive. Oberhofer has been dominating the playlists on my iPod ever since CMJ 2010. They are a young band with plenty of promise and hooks for days. Can't wait for a proper full-length release from these boys.

Motive was also quite enjoyable. The local band has a pretty excellent demo that they give away for free at all their shows. They've been building a loyal fan base in Brooklyn opening up for bigger name bands and impressing just about everyone with how tight they wear their pants.

Also had the chance to catch Robyn at Radio City Music Hall on 2/5/2011. It was a pleasing and different experience to attend a concert with a higher production value than I'm used to. Apparently, it was Robyn's largest crowd that she had ever pulled as a headliner. It was a glorious night, full of dancing queens. That girl is tireless. I guess I could learn a thing or two...

Photo of The Vaccines courtesy of We All Want Someone To Shout For.
Photo of Robyn courtesy of Brooklyn Vegan.

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