Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Blog!

Woohoo! infinity yeah is one yearz old! Well, kind of. I have earlier posts than the first post, but I started publishing one year ago today. It's been more rewarding than I imagined possible. I've made so many friends from infinity yeah virtually and IRL (I guess I can thank Twitter for that too) and it's a great thrill seeing you guys all pop up on my analytics. I haven't been perfect (weekly features are hard!), the blogging has slowed since I finally found full-time employment, and I still haven't quite figured out exactly what I want infinity yeah to be but from the bottom of my heart, thanks for sticking around while I work it all out. Hopefully lots of exciting things will happen as we grow up. Look at the dragon all ready to party in her birthday hat! Yes, I did just decide that the infinity yeah mascot is a girl. What should we name her? Tweet me some ideas...

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