Monday, February 22, 2010

Wavves at Brooklyn Bowl 2/16/2010 and all the other bands I saw last week

I was supposed to cover the Wavves show at Brooklyn Bowl for Frequency and I did go and started to write about it immediately afterward. Unfortunately, freelance projects and going out every night that week prevented me from getting in touch with my editor until Sunday and she told me that Frequency readers like their reviews timely. Fortunately, infinity yeah readers aren't as picky so you guys get a half-finished review one week late.

Things present at the Wavves show that I stopped thinking were cool after 7th grade: moshing, that one t-shirt with Bugs and Taz dressed like Kriss Kross and boys yelling obscenities into microphones.

But punk rock always was and always will be cool. After a sound check that seemed to take forever (and lasted well into the first couple of songs without ever really getting it right), Nathan Williams and Jay Reatard's old boys launched into a set full of of loud, messy noise. They were playing to a half-full room of obvious fans who were quick to engage in violent dancing but soon grew tired of their apparent animosity and immature banter between songs. Luckily, they eventually shut up and just played.

...and then I fell asleep due to the DELICIOUS bourbon-nutella milkshakes which my food blogger roommate and I paid way too much for (luckily the show was free). I could finish the review, but I'm a bit lazy and I think Williams would appreciate the fact that a post dedicated to him is half-assed. NOTE TO WAVVES: Tell your drummer to stop yelling "pussy" into his mic multiple times. All the girls hated him for it.

A little slice of life: I tried to play Wavves for my dad once and I think within the 10 seconds he allowed me to keep the track on he became convinced that my generation would eventually destroy the world. I kind of knew he would hate it. But when I picked up the guitar and played and sang a softer, acousticer (yeah, I said acousticer) "No Hope Kids" for him a minute later, he was pleasantly surprised. "Yeah, you see," I said, "there are some good melodic ideas there." "But why cover it up with all that noise?" he rightfully asked. "Because it makes it sound like you don't care." And yes, I do realize how stupid that sounds.

I had myself a little music marathon last week, to curb jealousies of any friends that will be going to SXSW. I have seen 10 shows in 5 nights. Here are links to some of my favorites and info about upcoming local shows, completely influenced by whether or not I know someone in the band.

MNDR - electro dance pop, next NYC show isn't until May 6th at Coco 66 with Sleigh Bells (!)

Normandy - catchy indie rock by a good friend

PocckettKniffe - indie rock with soulful vocals by a trio of really chill guys, next show is March 13th at Cameo

The Bloodsugars - probably my newest favorite band, pop/rock with tight harmonies and sick world-influenced beats (plus my good friend plays keys with them), next show is a free one (donations requested) at Brooklyn Bowl THIS WEDNESDAY, February my date and split a bourbon-nutella milkshake with me?

DUET - dance music with a sax up front, much more awesome than that combination would have you believe

Tough Knuckles - mellow rock for the moshy crowd, these guys opened up for Real Estate and Girls at the Bowery Ballroom in November, I spoke with them on Saturday night and they are currently cutting a record with Ducktails, next show is March 1st at Death By Audio

Also, Savoir Adore further proved their awesomeness during the last night of their Cake Shop residency on Thursday. If you aren't in love with them by now you are not using my blog to the fullest of its potential.

One last tidbit in this quilt of a post: Mumford & Sons. They were recommended to me by my good friend and go-to concert/party partner Tamara. Beautiful bluegrass/folk-inspired music. Epic sounding. You should know about them.


Photo courtesy of The New York Rockmarket.


  1. Thanks for the shout-out babe! I'm so glad you dig the Bloodsugars' music!

  2. Damn those milkshakes were delicious! Note: the drummer also shouted "slobbery pussy" into the mic. It wasn't just any ol' pussy.

  3. awww, so glad these comments aren't from my parents!