Tuesday, March 16, 2010

You Should Know About Karen Elson, Free Energy (maybe), Local Natives, Wakey! Wakey!, and Yeasayer

Karen Elson, the ridiculously good-looking mother of Jack White's children, is releasing her first solo album The Ghost Who Walks in late May and I will be covering her NYC debut at Le Poisson Rouge for SPOOK Magazine. The video for the title track can be found above. It's not bad. Definitely gets me interested in hearing more of her songs. Very eerie. And the bass player (holder?) reminds me of the girl from The Ring. Creep factory. Scary stuff.

But even scarier is Free Energy live. Unfortnately, I saw them on Friday at The Knitting Factory. Don’t get me wrong, I like the band’s debut LP Stuck on Nothing. You can’t deny how catchy the songs are and they get extra points for having it produced by James Murphy. But I guess I should have realized that if the sound of the music is fun, post-punk pop, there are going to be a lot of “bros” at the show. They were all underage, wearing neon, and dancing up a storm at the front of the stage while the older, more darkly dressed members of the crowd kept safe by the bar. The band didn’t really make up for the annoying audience with a stellar performance. The singer was not-quite-flat-but-just-enough-to-make-it-sound-off most of the time and the overall sound was way too quiet. Basically, I’ll listen to their CD when I want something easy to sing along to, but I’m kind of over this band. I heard that Foreign Born (which is comprised of members of Fool's Gold, who knew?) made everything better with their headlining set, but I was too discouraged to stick around. Photo courtesy of BrooklynVegan.

Other bands I’ve been sleeping on but have no time to write about, all of which you should know about: Local Natives (their song “Airplanes” has made me cry several times this week), Wakey!Wakey! (woohoo Brooklyn!), and Yeasayer (whose video for O.N.E. is trippy and awesome and can be found below).

One last thing for all you SXSWers: I hate you (I'm jealous), don't overtweet.


  1. "And the bass player (holder?) reminds me of the girl from The Ring. Creep factory. Scary stuff."

    Creepy, a little, but it looks like she has good taste in bass guitars.

    Interesting song, I want to hear more.

  2. Agreed. And so does Karen Elson...or more likely, her husband.