Monday, October 4, 2010

Live Review: Foals at Music Hall of Williamsburg 10/2/2010

So I feel like I need to apologize for my Twitter feed on Saturday night. Get me in my favorite venue, add a few well-timed shots of tequila and I get a little tweet happy. But the Foals show on Saturday night was cah-ray-zee good. It trumped my Matt & Kim experience and took its place in the ranks of my top three shows of all-time. I was a little worried when I first arrived at MHOW as the crowd seemed to be particularly douche-heavy…when did frat boys get such good taste in music? One of them even classlessly burped right in my face. But once the music started, everybody shut up and started dancing. The energy in the room was charged with the feeling that we are all so lucky to be here and we are all having such a good time and aren’t Foals “killing it” right now? It’s one of my favorite feelings ever. I guess the show also gets some “best show ever” points because during the encore Yannis kind of fell on top of me and for about a minute afterward I smelled like his sweat…I swear I’m not a groupie!

I took a video, which is something I’m trying to start doing at more shows so that I have some unique content for infinity yeah. Here is the end of “Electric Bloom” which they ended with before coming back on stage to play “The French Open” and “Two Steps, Twice.” The video is definitely too dark in the beginning but if you stick with it you will be able to discern that Yannis is climbing on the speakers stage right. I also got some pretty good shots of him stage diving and doing some intense drumming on the floor tom. Hopefully this video stuff will become a regular thing and I’ll eventually get better at it.

Oh…I have a small little camera and I turned it lengthwise to record the video. I wasn’t thinking. So this video is 180 degrees rotated. Heehee. Sorry…you'll all have to turn your laptops.

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