Thursday, August 11, 2011

On Repeat - 8/11/2011

MP3: Not Blood Paint - Army

A couple weeks ago I went to see Not Blood Paint at The Knitting Factory totally blind. Before the show, my friend Mike Levine assured me, "There is no way this band is overhyped." So I immediately thought, "This band is overhyped." So not the case. I was thoroughly impressed with the musicality present in Not Blood Paint's creative, hard core songs. These boys know how to play their instruments well and every one of them has true talent in powerful singing voices. "Army" is a new song and was a highlight of the set. My friends and I were singing "They said I wasn't cut out for the Army," for days afterward. Adding to the pleasure of seeing this band live was the high level of theatrics during the show. Band members wore extravagant clothing reminiscent of the Stonehenge scene in This Is Spinal Tap and their faces were completely painted. A group of devoted fans were dressed and painted all in white. They circulated throughout the audience, offering face paint to anyone that wanted to join in on the fun. Almost everyone drank the Kool-Aid and it was a wonderful experience. I will go see these guys anytime they are playing. Hopefully we will get the opportunity soon!

This is not blood, it's paint.

Photo of Not Blood Paint courtesy of Tamara Cabrero.

Is "unconsolable" a real word? It doesn't matter. I love this song. Read my review of the track over on The Wild Honey Pie here. The only thing I would add is that it was such a pleasure to be able to read the lyrics to "Unconsolable," which are on display on Ambassadors' Bandcamp page. It brought me back to the physical product experience of putting on a record, sitting down and reading the lyrics along with the band. Because the words of the song were right in front of me, I was more in touch with the song, less distracted by other browser tabs, or my Twitter feed. Excellent job Ambassadors!

Recently had the chance to review Bryan John Appleby's newest album Fire On The Vine for The Wild Honey Pie. Really grateful for the opportunity to have discovered him as he is similar to Fleet Foxes and I have not been able to stop listening to Helplessness Blues all summer. "Boys" was my favorite song on the album. Read my whole review, which includes a relatively in-depth description of the track here.

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