Monday, September 20, 2010

You Should Know About Foals

Continuing with the trend of rolling out weekly features, the You Should Know About section of the site will now be a weekly thing wherein I hope to introduce you to a new artist you may not have heard about. Every Tuesday I’ll provide a quick overview in the form of a three song playlist (that you can play right here on the page) accompanied by a few of my own thoughts.

OK, so you really should have known about Foals for a while now, but I’m playing a bit of catch up. They are British, they are cute, and they can pull off eyeliner.

I was first turned on to Foals after I saw the Skins Secret Party video and immediately wanted to take off all my clothes and do a bunch of drugs in an abandoned castle in the woods. Their song “Hummer” is featured in the video (as well as the boys themselves) and it's a pulsating riot inducer.

The band has since released Total Life Forever, a Mercury Prize nominated second album that is more ethereal and liquid-y than their debut Antidotes, but just as good.

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Photo courtesy of IM // UR.

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