Wednesday, September 29, 2010

You Should Know About Mirah

I was at a loss about who to write about for this week’s You Should Know About. Luckily on my walk home today I let my iPod do what it wanted and “Generosity” by Mirah came on.

Mirah is like a more electro Regina Spektor plus a less angry Fiona Apple. She’s by no means new to the music scene, having released her first album Storageland in 1997, but I’m surprised at the lack of recognition she receives. Her songs are unique yet sing-able and the lyrics capture thoughts of childhood innocence (“this makes me wanna spin ‘round in the yard”) and adolescent vacillation (“if we sleep together would it make it any better”). She also has one hell of a remix album. Joyride: Remixes contains many tracks that come across better than the originals (in the playlist below, “La Familia” is the remixed version). Chick rock fans – give this veteran your overdue attention.

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