Tuesday, November 9, 2010

On Repeat - 11/10/2010

In one of my past lives I must have been a snot-nosed, barely legal, lo-fi rocker boy because guys like Dylan Baldi are making the music that excites me the most right now. NME posted the lead-off track of Cloud Nothings' first full-length due in January from Carpark. The recording is slightly more polished than the band's earlier stuff, but it retains all the same charm.

After the opening strings, the tempo of Patrick Wolf's "Time Of My Life" falls perfectly in line with the speed at which I walk to work in the mornings (I'm usually running late). Being that in sync and elatedly singing "happy without you" over and over again is a brilliant way to start any day.

When Shimmering Stars originally found their way into my iPod, I didn't give them too much thought. But I update my playlists every night and these boys have stayed on there for months. It's more of that fuzzy, Beach Boys-inspired stuff I can't seem to get enough of.

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