Sunday, November 28, 2010

fun. and Steel Train at Webster Hall 11/27/2010

fun. I hate your band’s name. You are completely un-Googleable, I never know if/when I should capitalize (plus what's with that period?) and it’s impossible to describe your sound without sounding punny. But you are, a FUN band. Your music is fun to listen to, fun to dance to, and you all look like you are having a great time up there.

Personal request: can you all please ignore all the drunken singing-along you may be able to pick up in these videos? It’s virtually impossible to not do at a fun. show.

A few minutes before the band took the stage, Tamara and I were already mad at them. “They better play ‘Be Calm.’” (They didn’t play it last time we saw them).

Nate Ruess and co. proceeded to play a rocking, high-energy FUN show.

Jack Antonoff plays guitar in fun. so Steel Train opened. They put on a stellar show that included a special appearance by Jack’s dad (adorable!) and an awesome, quiet version of “Road Song.”

Steel Train plays “You Are Dangerous” into the song they wrote for Yo Gabba Gabba “It’s Really Fun To Dance.” Also, Jack’s audience acknowledgment is excellent.

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