Tuesday, November 16, 2010

On Repeat - 11/17/2010

I was a bit indecisive this week, so today's On Repeat playlist is super-sized.

Long time infinity yeah faves Savoir Adore released new song “Loveliest Creature” on their website earlier this week (for free)! The track has classic Savoir Adore elements: driving rock guitars, Paul’s unique yell-singing, Deidre’s sweet soprano, and trippy lyrics.

Whoa you guys, what happened to Acrylics? Relentless 2009 blog coverage, a pretty much universally acclaimed EP, even catching them quite a few times at CMJ 2009 had failed to make me a fan. But I’m really digging “Nightwatch” the first track released from their debut full-length Lives and Treasure, out early next year. It’s clean and soulful and Molly Shea’s vocals are honey-smooth. Well-played guys.

Basically, Robyn can’t do anything right now that I won’t get into. “Call Your Girlfriend” takes all those generic break-up phrases we’ve all been on the receiving end of and turns them into something you don’t actually mind hearing again and again. Pop music gold.

The Streets - 4 O'Clock

What is it about thick Britsh accents that make even ridiculous silly/violent lyrics so sexy? By the way, can’t find a download link to this song, help a homegirl out?

Wavves + Best Coast - Got Something For You

I’m getting a bit sick of these two, with their nauseatingly adorable Twitter feeds, matching Pitchfork scores, and now their co-headlining tour this winter. It’s also way too early to be listening to Christmas songs (the holiday season doesn’t officially start until you see Mr. Claus at the end of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, now you know). But they keep my attention by making undeniably catchy music. Plus, it’s really cute to hear Bethany take on the high-pitched “ooos” Nathan usually features in his songs. Stream the track over at Target’s (Target, really?) website.

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